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Hindu Power: Part VI

After Narendra Modi’s brilliant stroke against black money & corruption, which go hand in hand, it’s worthwhile to ask this question: are Hindus more corrupt than others? We will look only at Hindus & l leave aside Muslims, as they were the masters of India for so long, that they needed not be corrupt. The same is true of the British, who made their riches out of India and did not have to cheat their own Government – and hence the class of Anglo-Indians they had fashioned to be the go between them and the ‘natives’ was not corrupt either. India’s 3% present Christian minority is thus excluded from this study. We will be also be looking at statistics and facts over the last ten centuries, as it will give a complete overall picture. I have defended Hindus enough – lately through these series of articles on Hindu Power for the Times of India group, that I may be allowed to criticize them: Hindus of today – and yesterday – are indeed corrupt, deal a great deal of black money, che…

Hindu power: Part V

Paris, France…The leaves of the marronniers (chestnut trees) are turning yellow and falling to the ground, the sky is often gray and the weather getting cold. Frenchmen and French women are steeling themselves for a long winter, with the recession, elections looming ahead and President Francois Hollande at his lowest popularity level. One rarely hears about India in the French media, whether newspapers or TV channels, except when there are catastrophes, big elections, or some side stories that often show India in a poor light. Forget about Hindus – most French people, although they have sympathy for India, often mistake the word ‘Indians’ with the name ‘Hindus’ and sometimes, the old confrontation between Christian monotheism and so-called Hindu polytheism crops up in conversations, when it comes to gurus, for instance, whom the French often accused of creating ‘sects’. Yet, as we saw in the four previous articles, a true Hindu power, holding a series of successive governments in Ind…

Gautier Meets Indian Diaspora

Mr Francis Gautier said Bhagwad Gita should be made an international book as the “Bible of the world”, while he was attending an event organised by Vichar Manthan at Geeta Bhavan Temple in  Manchester to speak about Shivaji Museum project in Pune, his history projects and exhibitions….reports Rahul Laud
The Geeta Bhavan temple hall in Manchester was packed to its brim as young and old listened to a moving presentation by Mr Fran├žois Gautier. Soft and stylish as French man draped his talk on occasions with subtle humour, Francois touched and struck a chord with audience compelling them to ponder over the richness of the philosophy of Hinduism. The event began with a traditional prayer followed by a crisp introduction by Sandeep Kashyap who drew an analogy with a Bollywood flick Baaghbaan. Through his entire presentation, Francois highlighted the valour of different Hindu leaders in Indian history who have not been given due credit by historians who Francois claimed have been colonial in…