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What is Indian-ness and & why it is absolutely needed for India to innovate again

Nowadays, Narendra Modi’s mantra to entrepreneurs, or for that matter for the whole of India, is simple: Innovate… This is easier said than done. India used to be a country of innovation, which gave to the world the zero concept, chess, Vedic mathematics, astronomy, philosophy… In fact, French astronomers up to the 18th century, used to say that ancient Indians knew before everybody how to calculate the distance between the earth and the moon. More than that, the influence of Vedantic philosophy on Greek thought and mythology, or of Vedic maths on the making of the Egypt pyramids, has been remarked upon by many Indologists, France’s Alain Danielou being one of them. Even after the savage onslaught of Arab invasions, from the 10th century onwards, Chinese and Portuguese writers still marvelled in the 16th century at India being a land of ‘gold and honey’, where the ‘iron never rusted’, as symbolized by the Vishnu pillar, which is today in Delhi’s Qutub Minar. It is probably the Britis…

Hindu power – Part III

“Hindus are cowards and Muslims bullies,” the Mahatma Gandhi once famously said. And this seems to be fairly true: today at the least sign of trouble, Hindus stay home, shy from confrontation, or outright run away. We indeed witnessed how the 4,00,000 Hindus of Kashmir, who had done no crime, except being Hindus, fled the Valley of Kashmir under terror, without firing a single shot in self-defence, losing all their ancestral homes and lands and becoming refugees in their own country.

Hindus who are also persecuted in Bangladesh or Pakistan, and even in West Bengal, in districts where illegal Bangladeshis outnumber them, rarely defend themselves (except under the lone and courageous Tapan Ghosh). In Assam, where the same situation arises, it is the Christian Bodos who take up arms, not the Hindus. How is that possible, when Hindus are still nearly 80 % of India and have their own government that of the BJP, in power at the Centre?
Many have tried to analyse this weakening of …

Pranayama, secularism & the redeeming of India

Is there something more universal and secular than the atmosphere? Whether you are a Hindu, a Muslim, a Christian, or a Jain, you are breathing the same air – in fact, you are sharing the same life force. And this is exactly what pranayama teaches us: that all life is breath – from the moment you are born and start crying, which is effectively your first breath, till your last exhalation when you leave this world. And in between, you breathe a billion times – it has been calculated that we take approximately 10 thousand inhalations and exhalations a day! But how many of us are conscious of them ? And how many of us do think of harnessing this extraordinary free energy that is all around us? Only when you are out of breath or when we grow old and the respiration becomes labored… Ancient Indians seers discovered that by breathing in certain patterns, with certain repetitions, one could produce different effects on the body and enhance one’s health and longevity. Not only that, they als…