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Francois Gautier at the Hindu Samhati rally

Feb 18, 2016

I believe in reunification of India, Pakistan and Bangladesh: French writer Francois Gautier (Exclusive)

New Delhi:  French writer, journalist and noted Indophile, Francois Gautier, believes in "reunification of India, Pakistan and Bangladesh". "Whether it will happen violently or naturally, I don't know", he adds. Sixtysix-year-old Gautier, who has made India his home since 1971, seconded  the views of BJP General Secretary Ram Madhav on reunification of India, Pakistan and Bangladesh by pointing out that even Sri Aurobindo and The Mother of Pondicherry Sri Aurobindo Ashram had wanted the same. Gautier says, "Indians have become clones because they do not take pride in their rich ancient culture and traditions".

In an exclusive conversation with, Gautier opened up on his journey from France to India, on his image as a ‘defender of Hindus’, on Islam and the theory of clash of civilisations and India-Pakistan relations. Interestingly, Gautier holds Mark Tully of BBC responsible for creating a bias in Western media against India in general,…