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Rescue Mission Needed | Francois Gautier

As a Frenchman, I couldn’t help being moved seeing 40 heads of state walking together in Paris on January 11 along with two million other people marching for a better world, the children singing theMarseillaise, and the ‘Je suis Charlie Hebdos’ painted on a thousand faces. Something happened in France after theCharlie Hebdomassacre: the French spirit of Liberte-Egalite-Fraternite rose up, probably as never before in the last 100 years.There were, however, many Muslims in France who begged to differ. It has been reported that hundreds of French government websites were compromised by French Islamic hackers and messages such as ‘I am Muslim and not Charlie’ posted. It’s also come out that thousands of French Muslim boys refused to participate in the minute of silence in French schools on January 9 for the dead journalists.Many Muslims, and non-Muslims, have also been saying that maybe the Charlie Hebdo cartoonists had it coming as they kept insulting Islam. How do the two acts compare? …