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Analyzing Worldwide Media Anti-Hindu Bias – An Interview with Francois Gautier

On agreeing to fact that operations and architecture of American, European and Asian media houses are different, let’s start with Indian media. In your perspective, why Indian media is so biased in projecting Hindus, Hinduism in correct perspective?
So the British used to make fun of Hindu tradition, Cows, Brahmins and Temple worship, in fact when India became independent, Jawaharlal Nehru himself was not the lover of Hindus and he believed that temples of Hindus are things of past. Because of Nehru’s policies and cultural outlook, Indian media started taking up the British views on Hindus and as a result today we see that not only the Hindus are being taken seriously, but are made fun of and disregarded, that’s what British policy was for Hindus.
These days we are seeing that most of the Indian media houses are being directly operated by political families who have non-Hindu ideological inclination, which leads to hiring of editors, publishers etc. with a similar ideology background, i…