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Sonia Gandhi and the great Aryan Myth

Everything has already been said about why Sonia Gandhi holds such a fascination for India : the fact that she belongs to the Nehru dynasty, and that the Congress propaganda machine has been working full swing since independence to impress upon the minds of the simple villagers that the Nehru dynasty is akin to God. Or the eternal inferiority complex that a part of the Indian intelligentsia seems to be holding towards the West. This is particularly striking amongst a section of the Indian media (Outlook, Asian Age…), which always appears to look at India through a western prism and constantly worry how the foreign press views India, how the foreign countries – particularly the United States of America – perceive India, what the Human Right agencies say about India… But what has never been said is this : the White Skin of Sonia may also bewitch Indians because of the theory of the Aryan invasion, which is still taken as the foundation stone of the History of India. 
According to this th…