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Francois Gautier: traditional Indian knowledge is at risk.

“Many Indians think Rahul Gandhi is related to Mahatma Gandhi,” We need to face history to progress: Francois Gautier feels traditional Indian knowledge is at risk.

At a lecture here on Saturday, Gautier, a staunch defender of Hindutva, said, "Education in India is in a tragic state. Parents produce children in order to export them. India is being westernized. People here want to be more westernized than the westerners themselves. They know IT, Math and Shakespeare but don't know their own history and culture. Not many understand the value of knowledge."

Gautier, 54, feels Hinduism is not a religion but a knowledge stream. "Though I am a Frenchman, I feel I am a Hindu. Being a Hindu entails believing that God has many manifestations. I have lived in India for 44 years. I experienced the presence of Bharat Mata while working in Kashmir and now (I am experiencing it) in Pune," he pointed out.

He admitted that conversion is a reality and it's easy to convert Indi…