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Maharashtra, the Thackerays and Maharajas

After Bal Thackeray’s death, which was covered extensively, the Media conveniently forgot how much it bashed the Thakeray family. Laughter, derision, mockery, horror, you found it all in the press. In fact, some of the Media made a common practice of bashing-up all Thackerays’ father, son and nephew. Most people, specially outside Maharashtra, gave credence to what they read for want of first-hand and balanced information When a country is colonized, say by the British. The first thing the British do, principally via the education system they impose, is to make you lose your indigenous identity and become like the English. There is that famous quotation of Macaulay where he expresses admiration for the Indians and then proceeds to say how he will break them.

Macaulay was extremely successful, for today it is the British education system that is in place, which Nehru has adopted blindly, without caring to adapt it to the Indian psyche. It produces such brilliant western clones, who kn…