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How modern-day gurus are crucified?

One of the greatest and most poignant mysteries of life is how every time man errs and darkness engulfs us, the Supreme, the Divine, or whatever name we give It, sends down upon earth His instruments — the avatars, shaktis, gurus, yogis, saints, vibhutis — to help humanity. Most of these instruments are vilified in their own time, and only when they die are they deified. In the old days, avatars and gurus were physically tortured: Jesus Christ was crucified on the cross by his own people. Nowadays, there is no need to crucify gurus physically; they are just pilloried by the media. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, one of the most selfless gurus today, whose pranayama techniques have benefited millions, and whose volunteers work tirelessly all over the world to alleviate pain, has been attacked again and again. Recently, Pierre Monegier, the Delhi-based correspondent of France 2, the French national channel, approached the Art of Living Foundation with an apparently innocuous request…