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The real reason SP swept Uttar Pradesh

Francois Gautier |
Tuesday, March 13, 2012
Most of the political comments about the Samajwadi Party’s victory in the Uttar Pradesh elections miss some very important points.

One commentator wrote that ‘our UP Muslims somehow put their anti-Americanism above their nationalism and issues like bijli-sadak-paani, jobs, what kind of schools their children go to and whether there are any doctors or medicines in their hospitals or not.’

Is it so? The truth is that the SP outbid everybody in terms of sops to the Muslims of UP. Just read their election manifesto: ‘All students who have passed class 12 will be given a laptop, while other students of schools would get tablets for free. Education would be free for girls till graduation. Schools and colleges will be set up in backward Muslim areas. Students would be given free books till class 8. The SP will also pressurise the Centre to implement recommendations of the Ranganath Mishra and Rajinder Sachar committees on reservations for Muslims. …