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Sanatan Prabhat कधीतरीच हिंदूंच्या संतापाच्या ज्वालामुखीचा उद्रेक ! जम


कधीतरीच हिंदूंच्या संतापाच्या ज्वालामुखीचा उद्रेक ! Source

The power of the rain

Francois Gautier | Monday, July 4, 2011
Source: DNA india

It was billed as the biggest yoga camp ever. The place: Berlin, Germany, in the majestic Olympic stadium that can sit 70.000 people. The occasion: the 3O years celebrations of the Art of Living Foundation, led by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, one of India's 5 most influential people, according to Forbes.

For months volunteers of the Art of Living Foundation worked hard to produce a flawless show, involving hundreds of performers.

On D Day, everything was ready. But that was not counting the vagaries of the weather: that morning, it started to rain, hard and steady. 40.000 disciples of the Art of Living prayed silently to their Master so that the rain stopped before the performance. But another miracle happened.
First 50 Indian singers smiled though the rain while reciting ancient Sanskrit slokas. Then 500 Polish dancers hopped, skipped and bowed in the mud and puddles. The ancient science of yoga came indeed alive with hundreds o…