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The Arab Spring is making way for a scorching Islamist Summer ‎

Source: DNA INDIA The Mother of Pondich-ery once said some-thing like this: “Man is enamoured of his own pain — and sometimes, he even welcomes it”!

I remember a few years ago in Kathmandu, Nepal, when the monarchy had fallen, hearing the Indian ambassa- dor in Nepal, Shyam Sharan, announcing gleefully during a press conference that the Maoists were on the verge of taking power and that they had India’s support. I must have been the only journalist there who pointed out that the Maoists were not particular-ly enamoured of Delhi and that India would face yet an-other potential pro-Pakistan or pro-Chinese hostile coun-try overlooking it from a strategic height. He looked at me as if I was mad.

The Mother was right. Man sometimes actually welcomes the forces that are hostile to him or his country or even have come to destroy him. How many times did Indian maharajas, generals, nawabs, invite the enemy in their midst? All Arab and Euro- pean conquerors had it easy that way.

This leads us t…