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Talk by francois gautier

Date: Oct 01 2010 
Event: French Journalist Francois Gautier's Talk & Reception - 
Venue: Cafe Bombay, Atlanta

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Sometimes outsiders can see and respond more effectively to situations where insiders may be oblivious or even complacent to ground realities. Well Francois Gautier is one such French journalist who has steadfastly stood up for ‘just’ Hindu causes. So, in effect, he can hardly be called an outsider coz he is more at home and current with what is happening and what needs to be done than most of us. Rather he is an anointed Hindu with passion to serve the cause of religion as well as protection of its ethos.
Francois is visiting Atlanta October 1 thru October 3 and Atlanta is giving him a civic reception with his captivating lecture covering topics of varied interest, namely:

1. How terrorism is affecting India and USA
2. N…

Symbol Of Ayodhya by Francois Gautier

Source: Ayodhya

by Francois Gautier @ Sword of Truth
How many of those who have lambasted so many times the ?Hindu fundamentalists? and lamented the destruction of the Babri Masjid mosque as the ?death of secularism in India?, have been to Ayodhya? (not Faizabad, mind you, which is Ayodhya?s twin Muslim city). When one arrived in Ayodhya before the destruction of the mosque, one was struck by the fact that it was a Hindu town ?par excellence?. More than Benares even, it is dotted everywhere with innumerable temples; it has all these old Hindus houses and this lovely river with its ghats which runs through the lower town. And then, forlorn on the top, there was this lone mosque with its two ugly domes, which looked so out of place and unused, that any one with a right sense -and that includes the Muslims- should see that it was not worth making an issue of. The destruction of the Babri Masjid still ev…

Dinner with Francois gautier in Atlanta, US

Friday Oct 1, 2010 at 6.30 PM

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