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State of the Indian Union : By Francois Gautier

Source: Op-Ed The Pioneer Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The crisis in the Valley has been fomented by anti-nationals. Sovereignty is key, and the Government must take care to eschew uncalled-for concessions or subsidies. Today, if a Hindu wants to undertake a pilgrimage to one of the most ancient shrines in the history of Hinduism, Amarnath, he must do it under heavy police and Army protection, and at the risk of his life. It is as if, not only is he going to a foreign country, but also to a
hostile foreign country.

Today, as it is now known, there is a conscious, well-planned movement to provoke the police and the BSF by a widespread stone throwing movement in the Valley of Kashmir. Hundreds of BSF soldiers have been hurt in the last few months. Inevitably, when the crowd goes out of control, limited firing has to be resorted to and casualties do happen. Of course, the entire Valley, which every second day, goes on strike for the flimsiest reason, shuts down and the media and …