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As president Obama has just affirmed it, the new strategy of the United States for Afghanistan and Pakistan “will target the dismantling of the terrorist networks and will employ for this purpose a vast range of means, energy of the improvement of the capacities of the regional security forces to a new attention paid to the diplomacy, the development and the international cooperation”. But is this really a new strategy?

Its predecessors, of Reagan with Bush, while passing by Clinton, were pressed all on Pakistan and Afghanistan to fight the Soviets initially, then to neutralize the Talibans Qaida et al. today. “We must make sure that neither Afghanistan nor Pakistan are used as sure shelters with Al-Qaïda”, precisely Mr. Obama on March 29 said.

The president qualified the new plan of “overall strategy which counts not only on rifles and bombs, but also on agronomists, doctors and engineers to help to create a climate in which people …

BJP must come out with a 'Nation First' agenda

March 26, 2009

By Francois Gautier

Sending a clear message to divisive forces, the BJP must come out with a ‘nation first’ agenda of governance and fulfil the promises it has made to the masses.

The curse of Hindus has always been disunity and betraying each other to the enemy. Today we see this trend again in the BJP where sometimes the highest party office-bearers can’t even say hello to each other. As far as one can remember, the BJP had three pillars: Former Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee, Mr LK Advani and Mr Murli Manohar Joshi.
Mr Vajpayee is no longer able to lead an active life due to health concerns and thus Mr Advani and Mr Joshi, who was president of the BJP in the early-1990s and had hoisted the Indian Tricolour in Srinagar at a time when no other leader gave a damn about Jammu & Kashmir, are two pillars of the party today. Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi has risen to the stature of a national-level leader, not only because he is an ironman but also because he ha…