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What are the biggest lessons for India from the wonderful, glittering and highly successful Beijing Olympics, which are still going on (the Paralympics)? First, that what the Dalai Lama calls “black Karma,” the karma that an individual or a nation gather by doing wrong actions (such as killing a million Tibetans), does not strike immediately. In fact, it probably catches you unawares when the black deeds are long past and you look shining and innocent and have all but forgotten about them. This is why we get a deep sense of injustice when we see catastrophes or accidents befalling harmless civilians or innocent children.

Thus, China was triumphant.

The second lesson is that good governance is about cynicism, manipulation and deceit, what we in the West call Machiavellism. The Chinese are masters at saying one thing — that they will not interfere in the NSG clearance for instance — and doing exactly the opposite

This is also what they proved during the Olympics, having…